Monday, August 17, 2009


hey everyone out on the interwebs readying my blog!

I havent posted all summer because im lazy, and i didn't care. But now that im sitting in my warm bed and traveling through this crazy concoction called the internets i said to myself, im bored and i should blog. and here we are.

havent dont much this summer. played on computer. read a couple book(that what ireally should do after this) watched movies. didnt do alot of hanging with friends though*subtle hit to STEPH*. I went to camp. greatest week this year. Went with my family to glennwood Springs^^. And last week had volleyball camp. that hurt. and now im in the process of trying out for My schools team.hoping for JV but im quite doubtful. soo ill probably be on "C" team. <,< I have volley ball tryout monday throgh friday
Today was probably the hardest day of my life physically. Let me start off my saying i am a terrible runner. short legs doesnt help.... OK. so we had to run a mile in 8-12 minutes. i have no idea what i got but im not sure i care anymore. but i was last. :'( that killed me. then we got back to the gym we did normal bumping setting and hitting and some serving. that was fine. but then we piss off the coach and so we have to do 10 wind sprints(got from one line to the other and back-not suicides or lines) in 25 seconds. bad runner=last. we did that probably about 10 times. so basically 100 wind sprints!!! One girl threw up. one girl wth asma couldnt breathe. i couldnt breath. yeah it sucked. and to end the day we did suicides. which sucked but they werentas bad as the wind sprints.
I realy hope the rest of the week isnt as hard.

sorry about my rambling i just felt like telling you about my difficulties.

School starts wednesday. woot freshmen*sarcastic* i really care about school. im not excited or dreading it. its just something that must be done. im indifferent.

Well im so ****ing tired so im taking a nap now!!!


Wednesday, May 27, 2009


I AM SO BORED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I've been out of school one week and I'm already bored out of my mind. the only thing i have done is play W.O.W and read. That's all. I know. I'm a lazy bum. :/

But this is were you come in. I need suggestions on what to do with my free time, So i want you to leave in the comments. telling me what i should do. it can be anything.

I will try to do all of the things that are comment. or at least attempt to do them. :)

SO please leave a comment telling me what to do. I don't care who you are. if you follow my blog or are have just randomly come across my blog, telling me what i should do!!!!!!!

Please leave a comment!!



Sunday, May 24, 2009

bigger and better things

So the school year and middle school is over.
What now?

I have a hole summer to fill with adventures, dreams, friends and preparation.

When i go back to school i will be a freshmen. I will put into a world that is like nothing else i have experienced... or so i have been told. People say High School will be some of the greatest years of my life. I really hope they are right. I've spent way to much time hating my school, people around me, the world and over all, my life. Something must change.

I have made a promise. I have made a promise to my self that i will be the person i want to be. I will find my self and stick with the person i find. I will take life as it comes and try to accept the things life throws at me. I will make mistakes that i will learn from. Whoever said, "to be old and wise, you have to be young and stupid", i think has is right. how can you learn something from only looking in at it?

I think I'm just ranting now. you can go away if you would like. nothing more will probably be said that is of much interest.

I think rain has a special property to it that people cant help but love. The smell of the rain smells of something fresh and cleansing. The way rain washes away the the chalk on the sidewalk and the pictures only a memory, that is kind of how i feel right now. Middle school is being washed away and is only a memory now and I am now starting fresh With High school i ahead of me.

Summer is a time for change. So im looking into the future with a smile and ready for the change!


Sunday, April 26, 2009

MIssed Me????

Well have you????

Well Im back. Since i killed my laptop a couple of months ago my post became irregular because i hate it when people read over my shoulder and my mom does that all the time. but i have good news. i just save a bunch of money by switching to Gieco. Not really.

But i did get a new laptop. it a mac book. you know the white ones? yeah that one. i cant say how happy iam to be using a mac again. i can use PCs but they drive me crazy!!!!

so i will probably be posting more so that good... or bad depending if you like my blog.

well here a brief recap of my life for the past little while:

well last weekend my brother got in a car accident. He's not hurt, he got a big ugly bruise on is left shoulder. but he did have one of his friends in the car. she got banged up a bit. she has a concussion and a bit if memory loss. and shes only like 90 lbs and a little taller than 5 foot so she is having a slow recovery. and if you were wondering my brother did not cause the accident. but he did get the ticket b/c the cop was a jerk and didn't believe my brothers story and since he is 17...well you can put two and two together. but we are fighting the ticket b/c we think my brother was right and the other lady ran the red light.

I swear im going to have to kill some people at my school. The things they do and say are just ridiculous. Everyone is very perverted and it is so annoying!!!!

Im in out stupid school play. I wish i never tried out. the play is "Annie" im one of the servants. i dont want to be in the play b/c i have a crappy part but b/c the play is going to be so bad and its suck a waste of time. and i really hate out teachers who are out directors.

I love my new friend. she is one of the best people i have ever met. Steph and her my best friends. YEAH FOR FRIENDS!!!!

well i think thats it.

Love you all!!!


Thursday, March 26, 2009



I'm not kidding. its a joke in my family that hell has to be frozen over before my school has a snow day or even a delay. And its all because out stupid super indented is from Michigan.

I havent had a snow day or snow delay since 5th grade!!!!!!

Even though i HATE snow. im for once happy to have it :))))

well im going to go and enjoy a nice quiet day of pajamas, slippers, a robe, movies, and tea or hot chocolate!!!! BYE!!!!


Thursday, March 12, 2009


Lets leave it at that

Thursday, March 5, 2009

im not dead!...yet

hello to the few of you who read my little piece of cyber space!
i haven't blogged almost a month. but im not dead as you can that i am now blogging. hehe

soccer season has officially started. im not sure if that is a good thing or bad thing. hmmm

i think this is my year for sports. i finally got the hang of volleyball and am good at it and in soccer i can finally dribble correctly and punt the ball where i want it to go!!!

i found another Friend.!!! i might go to a verysmall school(10 girls in my grade) and you might think that everyone is friends and yeah but its a lie. but i finally found someone i trust and have fun with!!! yeah. its sad i can count my real friends on one hand and have a finger or two left over. sigh.

for the record i do smile. at school im not one of the flirty girls or loud ones or who get all the attention. im a wall flower(?). and this person was asking me if i was ok(got hit in the face with a hockey puck)(i really hate hockey). and he said people never know if im ok or not cause i NEVER SMILE! i do smile and i am happy. just not at school. so now you do know that im not a complete sad face person!
:) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)<---see i can be happy!

right now im attempting to read pride and prejudice. hmmm. im kind of confused but i semi get it. im only on like page 18 so that doesn't really help. steph you might have to help me understand it.

OMG!!! THE FRAY CD FINALLY CAME OUT!!!! Yes i no that happened like a month ago but still. the frey has to be my favorite band of all time. there sound is different and there music is so beautiful. and plus there from Colorado! my home state! CHECK THEM OUT!!!!

Im being forced to write a short story for english. :(. im loosely basing it off the Midnighters series by Scott westerfeild. but i have changed alot so its not plagerized(?).

i went through all my posts i have ever written and its kind of amazing how they have changed and my writing has changed. if you want to see what i mean just read my first 3 posts and some middle ones and then recent ones its funny!

ummm... i think that is all